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Tbilisi International Airport

Airports in Tbilisi
Tbilisi International Airport
Tbilisi International Airport — lcf1976
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Tbilisi International Airport is a tourist attraction located in Tbilisi, Gruzio

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Sergei Arsentiev
Sergei Arsentiev 7 September 2012
Free bottle of wine on passport control!!! Great!
Arzu 13 November 2010
Free and fast wifi at Tbilisi airport!
Mahsa Alamdarlou
Mahsa Alamdarlou 25 November 2013
Really friendly people and a beautiful city... I would love to visit Tbilisi again. :-)
Giga SU7
Giga SU7 14 September 2013
The cheapest way to get to the city center is to take bus # 37. The bus stop is in front of the arrival hall and they run from 07:00 until 22:00. Ticket: 0.50 GEL. A taxi ride to the center: 25 GEL.
David Chitanava
David Chitanava 24 May 2012
Nice Airport, but it feels in everything that management is Turkish company.
Million Yardov
Million Yardov 3 June 2013
Welcome to Georgia ! If you will go to Tbilisi, there is a free public wifi on Rustaveli Avenue named Tbilisi Loves You ! Enjoy Tbilisi and Georgia 😄
Igor Miniailo
Igor Miniailo 1 May 2013
Adore airports with free Wi-Fi access!
BESA®IO 29 March 2013
I love Tbilisi....✈
Michal Berg
Michal Berg 12 September 2011
Don't expect you will ve able to buy anything to eat without cash. The only fastfood does not accept cards, Café does not provide any food. Wake up, Tbilisi, it's 2011.
Eugene Pougatch
Eugene Pougatch 11 August 2012
Passport control is excruciatingly slow. Even notorious Boryspil control is way faster.
Ekaterina Kuznetsova
Ekaterina Kuznetsova 24 August 2013
Во всех отношениях приятный аэропорт главного города сказочной, щедрой и фантастически гостеприимной страны!
Levan Sabiashvili
Levan Sabiashvili 30 March 2013
Українці, ласкаво просимо до Грузії! Гамарджоба, генацвале!
Catherine Di
Catherine Di 14 April 2013
По прилету дали по бутылочке вина. Приятно :)
TheSun 23 December 2013
Merkeze gitmek icin taksi kullanacaksaniz, havalimanindan kalkan araclarda taksimetre var lakin sifirlatmayi unutmayin, yoksa benim kaziklandigim gibi kaziklanirsiniz:) 20 normal bir ucret.
Helen O
Helen O 19 January 2015
Бесплатный вайфай Tbilisi loves you. На паспортном контроле каждому дарили по бутылке красного вина:) вот оно, грузинское гостеприимство!:)
Nikolay Glushetskiy
Nikolay Glushetskiy 11 January 2014
Отвратительно, курят везде.
Арсен Арсенов
Запарили везде курить!
Jakub Górnicki
Jakub Górnicki 1 November 2010
Gruzja jest super!
Denis Gurov
Denis Gurov 14 October 2012
Когда прошел паспортный контроль, таможенник вручил бутылку вина. Удивительно, обычно они забирают
PAsha Mix
PAsha Mix 1 March 2013
Если хочешь уехать дешевле, садишься на сидение, рядом ставишь сноуборд и ждешь;) Начинают подходить водилы, предлагать добраться до Гудаури. Средняя ставк 15-25$ с человека при групповом заказе(4-6ч)
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