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Nelson's Column

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Nelson's Column is a tourist attraction located in Londono, Unuiĝinta Reĝlando

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10 February 2011
The statue of Horatio Nelson, killed at his greatest victory at Trafalgar in 1805, is 18 feet tall. If Hitler had conquered Britain, he planned to have the column moved to Berlin.
Carlo M
17 December 2012
Join the kids in climbing up the big lions. Just don't fall and embarrass yourself.
Steven Barkess
11 March 2010
Easy place to meet, just agree on which lion.
Adam Marsh
24 December 2012
It's great fun climbing the monument and sitting on the massive metal lions :D
13 May 2015
Situated in the centre of Trafalgar Square; lovely landmark
Florian Isachsen
24 February 2015
No, it's NOT Nelson Mandela...
Elizabeth Lee
19 November 2014
Stand near the main entrance of the National Gallery to view this monument in late afternoon and you will be amazed.
Dayne Grant
4 November 2014
Big statue of Horatio Nelson.
Louise Parry
25 March 2012
If you want a picture of yourself sitting at the base of the column or standing next to the lions, make sure you can climb or have someone who can lift you up.
David Roberts
30 January 2012
The four iron depictions of his greatest battles at the base of the column are actually made of the cannons of the ships defeated at Waterloo.
Emily Boulger
19 April 2018
Great view from the national museum
Enzo Martinelli
2 November 2017
The bronze lions at the base of the column are very popular with tourists
Георгий Ющенко
9 September 2017
Picturesque memorial to the great admiral of the British navy
20 November 2016
Passage obligatoire ????
Gary Hor
14 October 2016
Take a photo for remembrance. It's rather iconic.
Amra Saby
9 September 2016
Nice View ????
Amra Saby
9 September 2016
Grab a coffee & climb on it ☕️????
Alexandre Curiel
23 April 2016
Very tall column in the middle of Trafalgar Square
Carl Griffin
14 February 2016
Fitting tribute to a National hero. Nelson died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 where the French and Spanish fleets were destroyed. Children love climbing over the lions at the base.
Jeremy Hertmans
20 December 2016
Pas éclairé de nuit ????
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